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ナミキファルコン ブラック 万年筆 (ペン先の刻印は「PILOT」)

ナミキファルコン : ペン先
型番 51865144

Namiki Falcon Collection Black Fountain Pen

※新入荷分の「外箱」には、新規仕様により「PILOT」と表記されていますが、万年筆本体はナミキファルコンに間違いありません。またペン先は「PILOT」の刻印がございます。「NAMIKI」の刻印があるペン先ではありません。中字・太字であれば「NAMIKI」の刻印の場合もありますがお選びいただけません。カスタマイズ仕様(フレックス加工)のペン先は「NAMIKI」または「PILOT」のいずれかの刻印になります。極細字加工のペン先は、細字または中字を極細字に加工します。いずれの場合もペン先の字幅は「極細字」となります。カスタマイズされた極細字のペン先の刻印は、「SM NAMIKI」「SM PILOT」「SF NAMIKI」「SF PILOT」のいずれかの刻印となります。


 SF:細字(ソフトファイン)  ご入金確認後、1〜2週間以内の発送予定
 SM:中字(ソフトミディアム)  ご入金確認後、1〜2週間以内の発送予定
 SB:太字(ソフトブロード)  ご入金確認後、1〜2週間以内の発送予定
 フレックス加工(有料)  ご入金確認後、1〜3週間以内の発送予定






"Namiki Falcon Collection Black Fountain Pen Comes with a 14 karat gold soft nib, please specify size with order. Each pen is packaged and merchandised in a black leather gift box. Soar to new writing heights with the Namiki Falcon. Sleek in its unique style, this jet black fountain pen is a remarkable feat of engineering and elegance. The Namiki Falcons most extraordinary feature is its flexible, hooded nib that gently yields to the users writing angle. The nib was designed by our engineers with input from the association of pen shop owners in Japan who recommended a soft, flexible writing feel. This group subsequently endorsed the product. For the Namiki Collections, skilled Japanese artisans use the finest materials to create a line of writing instruments that look beautiful and perform flawlessly. We introduce Maki-e lacquering, a centuries-old technique in which multi-layered patterns are drawn on the barrel and cap with urushi - sap from Japanese lacquer trees. The hand-painted designs richly interpret scenes of nature in precious metals and lavishly colored pigments. From a culture that has revered the art of writing for more than a thousand years comes instruments that celebrate both writing and art. Where traditional techniques and modern innovations are fully realized in writing instruments that bridge art and technology, poetry and science, yesterday, today and tomorrow. However, superior craftsmanship is just the beginning. For as beautiful as they are, Namiki writing instruments are designed to be used. A precision nib and superior ink and lead delivery systems ensure an exceptionally smooth stroke and clean line. In every aspect, Namiki redefines quality in premium writing instruments. For the collector and connoisseur, Namiki is a revelation. For the valued client, friend or family member, it will be the gift of a lifetime. For every creative endeavor, Namiki is the ultimate writing tool. "